The grandkids visit….

Cindy and I spent a week with the grandkids visiting, first Hailey and Sarah for a few days, then Brandon for as long. There was lots of pool time for all, and even a surprise trip to the EAA fly-in at Arlington last weekend. Uncle Kenny took Brando on a ride in a flight simulator, and they flew their P-51 around the desert and got into a dogfight (they won). The ride must have affected Kenny’s noggin, cuz he totally fell for the fish n’ chips sign! After sliding down the grease-laden fish, we were entertained by a nice electrical storm and ensuing downpour. That’s when we decided it was time to hit the road. Good week all in all.

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Opening day crabbing 7/1/12

Sunday found Cindy and I joining Vernetta, John and Rene Latham, and Tyler and his buddies at Cornet Bay, Deception Pass for the opener. The weather was mild (no rain!) and not too breezy, so we were able to bag a total of 35 crabs between us all. Pretty good day, I’d say (well, if you don’t consider one lost pot and one line wrapped around John’s boat prop. ‘Netta swears she know’s nothing about it…..Can’t wait to get back out and try it again. Apparently the little buggers were tasty, cuz they’re all gone.

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RT12 – our most excellent road trip

My brother-in-law Kenny and I recently spent eight days traveling to L.A. to deliver household stuff to Parker and Eric Stallman for their new place in Hermosa Beach. Believe me, they’re living La Buena Vida, what with a home just a couple blocks from the beach, lots of restaurants, shops and clubs within walking distance, and nary a drop of rain….EVER!  And now Ashley has joined them. I know they’ll all have a great time getting to know California  and all it has to offer. It was good to spend some time with them, and good to spend some time on the road with Kenny. He’s a great travel companion. In fact, I think I need to come up with another idea for a trip with him.

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Our beloved peahen Lady Schittaquart, fondly referred to as Poops because of the deposits she loves to leave on the porch, sidewalk, carport and driveway, has apparently reached birdie puberty. Spring came and she did what nature told her to do. She built a nest hidden deep in the bushes, laid a dandy clutch of eggs, and has been setting for quite some time now (a few weeks). Life is beautiful, so one would think. Just imagine a bunch of cute little balls of fluff following her around the yard, peeping and chasing bugs! But wait….though she may be old enough, apparently she’s not smart enough. We don’t have a peacock. Damn, the one part of the equation that’s missing!

I’ve decided to leave the nest alone till I can rule out immaculate conception, or perhaps that a ne’er-do-well sneaky rounder of a boy-bird didn’t creep in when I wasn’t looking. Good luck, Poops.

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…and he’s OFF!

Tough day saying so long to Parker and Eric Stallman Wednesday as they prepared to hit the road on their most excellent adventure to Southern California and the surf and sun. Their first day was already eventful, as they were involved in a fender-bender somewhere in southern Washington. No injuries, only a little crumpled bumper. They drove till Sacramento last night….quite a haul. Then early this morning they headed on to LA. In a few days, Uncle Kenny and I are going to follow with a trailer full of their stuff. Hopefully they’ll have a home for us to unload it into. Should be quite a fun trip for us too!Image

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